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How To Convert Life Projects Into Work Aims

Look at the project while answering the following:

  1. What Work principles can be applied to this project?
  2. How would The Work Itself expect me to respond to this situation?
  3. What negative emotions are beginning to arise within me because of this incoming situation?
    Create aims to transform negative emotions into pure will.
  4. Given the uniqueness of this situation, how can I create aims to align my centers into a cohesive whole concerning the proper, conscious attainment of a solution?
  5. How does my type limit a higher perception of this possibility or how am I reacting to this event through the lens of type?
    What aims can I create to go against type?
  6. How does this present event, task or solution reflect cosmic laws? Where are the laws of 3,7,9 etc., within this task?
  7. Create aims to self-remember as well as to self-observe for the entire task. Chart the 'effects' in all centers.
  8. How can I, a Work student, create sacred space while accomplishing my aims?
  9. If a task is performed outside, ask, "How many principles concerning the interaction of forces and powers are contained within this aim. How can I spiritualize their effects?"
  10. Learn to split your consciousness during a task into "it is completing this task while I am observing 'it' doing so."
  11. Sacred space is invoked by a change in both one's attitudes as well as in one's actions. As a Work student, I need to offer up the fruits of my labor to The Work Itself. Work students need to learn how to consecrate space as well as how to offer up the fruits of their every action to The Work. The more successful Work students become in their own estimation of themselves, the less useful they become to The Work.

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