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Practical Religion
as a way of being in this world, but not of it.

Girl Enthroned

All these things...*
Jesus Christ-How to incorporate and digest Jesus Christ's life, teaching and divine mission into one's own psycho-spiritual development.

As Above / So Below
How to utilize the laws of the material world as signposts into one's own inner psycho-spiritual realms.

Not for the faint hearted
The values of perception, patient and perseverance

From Eden to the New Jerusalem
How to travel the inner lessons of the Bible from the Garden of Eden through the gates of the New Jerusalem and the book of Revelation.

Eden, the wilderness, and the Cross
how these three forms of temptation are replayed daily in one's everyday life.

You gotta Serve Somebody
the role of psycho-spiritual laws on everyday life.

Sacrifice, Sacrifice until you get what you want
The role of conscious sacrifice as regards to one's own spiritual realizations

Realization and the Word
Addresses the limitation of pure knowledge alone.

Denial isn't just a river in Egypt
How to transcend ignorance, illusion, delusion and imagination

All roads lead to Rome
Comprehensive comparable compilation of ancient sacred religions for use in the modern age.

Conscience and Incarnation
How to hear and obey the still small voice of the real objective consciousness within.

Biblical personalities and Sacred Situations
How to incorporate the Bible's various forms of psycho-spiritual wisdom to enhance one's own spiritual development.

How to Spiritualize the Profane level of One's Life while Materializing the Sacred

Sun Tsu War as a Sacred Form

*...Ye can do and more." Jesus Christ


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