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General Aims and Exercises

  1. Logos/Meditation Exercises

  2. Meditate and digest the following principles. Self-observe results:

    Centers: Images are not the object but merely its imprint.

    Centers: "Ninety-six percent of our civilization is concerned with the instinctive-moving center, the planetary body, three percent with real culture, the emotions, one percent with "why", the real mind. The instinctive-moving center, which should be the passive part, has in our civilization, become active, the positive. We are the inverted man, crucified upside down."
    - Commentaries on All and Everything, Orage p.32

    Centers: "God did not impart a mind to all men™It was His will™that mind should be placed in the midst as a prize that human souls may win."
    - Hermes, Book 4, verses 3 and 4

    Work Attitude: "A requirement is placed on him: (anyone trying to perfect himself) He may claim no credit for his work, no matter that his efforts allowed it to be: but he was allowed to receive it. He was the passageway. If he claims credit, the passageway closes."
    - The Art In A Craft, page 29

    Round Robin Principle: "You illicit what you expect." - SMW

    Work Attitude: "The pot is more than the clay, it exists more, it contains more order."
    - H. Remde

    Work Attitude: "Die before you die, lest thou die utterly." - Jesus

    Higher Centers: "Once the real divides, the false comes forth: the seeds of routine take command™habit energy grows day by day: true intent becomes adulterated with arbitrary feelings and spiritual essence adulterated with temperament."
    - Inner Teachings of Taoism, page 5

    Higher Centers/Formatory Mind: "Reason is concerned with whatever is in the process of becoming; the intellect is concerned with what has already become. Reason does not ask 'from where?' The intellect does not ask 'for what?' Reason likes development; the intellect would like to keep everything fixed in order to make use of it."
    - Goethe

    Higher Centers: "The price of absolute intimacy is to be alone." - E.J. Gold

    Real I:

    "Do not wait for death to reveal the great mystery.
    If you know not your Heavenly Father
    While your feet tread dusty soil
    There shall be naught but shadows for thee
    In the life to come."
    Jesus, The Essene Manuscripts

    Real I:

    "If there is 'I' in one's presence, then God and the devil are of no account. - "G"

    Egyptian Wisdoms - Seven Accomplishments

    1. Sense of presence and simplification
    2. Developed directed attention
    3. Serenity (loss of impatience, haste and instability)
      a. Result of independence
      b. Result of intentional passion
      c. Result of calm indifference
      d. Result of neutrality derived from transparency
    4. Appropriate gesture - right action/non-action
    5. Silence
    6. Gratitude
    7. Generosity "freely ye have received, freely give."

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