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Mind's Eye Aims and Exercises

Part III

The following is an example of a student's Mind's Eye Aim:

"I had been living with and caring for my mother, who was in the early-to-mid-stage of Alzheimer's disease, for about eleven months. Having been dissipated by a lengthy illness, compounded by the difficulties of cohabiting with my mother, I hit psychological bottom, encased by the fear that my life of tedium would never come to an end. I felt doomed to be saddled with a woman (through no fault of her own) who luxuriated in a bubble bath of negative moods and unpredictable assaults over my lack of competency in caring for her properly.

Shirra proposed an aim: In light of the fact that my mother's behavior coaxed my shadow forward, my Eve needed to understand that recurring shadow attacks on my mother would not be productive toward our well being and our situation together. Therefore Shirra suggested that:

  • I find an amiable picture of my mother and me.
  • Make a duplicate, and create a monster/shadow face over my own on the copy.
  • Draw a circle with an "X" through it over the monster face, indicating to Eve that indulging in my shadow was not the way to go for a conscious, positive resolution to our current problem.

I found a caricature of both Mom and me, sketched at a recent party, and was able to complete my aim to the point of success, inevitably creating peace on the home front for us both."

E, 2002

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