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snippetsPart I: Snippets From
The Ouspensky Collection At Yale

"Real negative emotions are completely submerged by the sea of unreal negative emotions"- Ouspensky

"The only freedom we have is to do harm to the Work and to other people" - Ouspensky

"Chief feature compensates for chief weakness" - Ouspensky

"A common aim is stronger than blood" - Gurdjieff

"Essence has to become chief feature in order to grow" - Ouspensky

"Man is not, that is he is not what he might be" - Gurdjieff

"If someone attacks me it is my crime for that means that I am a fool and no one has the right to be a fool in the Work" - Ouspensky

"…it is possible to foresee the actions of a normal man, but it is absolutely impossible to foresee the actions of a mad machine" - Gurdjieff

"Intension is one thing, impression another" - Gurdjieff

Work Rule
"Do not speak of anyone who is not present" - Ouspensky

"There is nothing 'subconscious' because there is nothing conscious" - Ouspensky

"One avoids accidents by creating causes and increasing effects" Ouspensky

"If you try to love your enemies with ordinary emotions, you will make more enemies" Madam Ouspensky

"We live in a circle of happenings" Madam Ouspensky

Aphorisms of Ouspensky

Learn to pick up what others throw away

When in doubt, do nothing

Never explain

"In self-remembering, you see both I and the here of I am here" Gurdjieff

"We can change the present, through the present the future, through the future the past. There is no other way" Ouspensky

Yale Can one be identified with a school?

"That means losing the school. One can be identified by liking it too much, or criticizing it too much or believing in it too much" - Ouspensky

48 plus self-remembering to 24 - Ouspensky

"An atom on world 96 is of enormous size compared to an atom on world 1" - Ouspensky

"To create moon in oneself one must sacrifice suffering" - Ouspensky


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