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Part V
Being in the Work

Part V.a.

Excerpts Taken from
The Work Life

Based on Teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff, P. D. Ouspensky
and Maurice Nicoll - Beryl Pogson

Excerpt from p. 190,
"The Kingdom of Heaven"
August 16, 1958

Kingdom of Heaven

(All illustrations added by Sojourner Institute)

Those Who Cannot Enter The Kingdom of Heaven
1. Those who blaspheme against the Holy Ghost, who love evil better than good and foster the worst in others;
2. Those who, having started,
turn back;
Lot's wife
Lot's Wife
3. Those who like the foolish virgins do not practice the truth;
4. Those who do not forgive;
5. Those who think they can do, like the Pharisees;
6. Those who seek to save their souls,
instead of giving them up;
Expulsion from the garden
Expulsion from The Garden

7. Those who harm new understanding,
their own or that of others;
Adam and Eve Hiding
Adam and Eve Hiding

8. Those who have no wedding garment; Marriage at Cana
Marriage At Cana

9. Those who bury their talent: who do not use their knowledge;
10. Those who are not born again;
11. Those who hate not their fathers, mothers, wives, and their own lives - or rather, what these represent within themselves;
12. Those who are dead;
13. Those who deny Christ -
that is,
those who deny anything which can transform them,
Christ in themselves;
Judas Hangs Himself
Judas Hangs Himself

14. Those who cannot go beyond themselves;
15. Those who trust in their own righteousness.


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