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Part VII
Esoteric Christianity:
God as a Good Idea

"And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness." Genesis 1:4

People frequently ask me if I believe God exists. For a moment, let us leave God as a real objective fact, behind. Even if God turns out to be nothing but a figment of human imagination, God would still remain a good idea, nonetheless.

The concept of God represents up/north. The horizontal line of life itself, can only give us more of the same, whereas "up" creates a never-ending scale of varying qualities. "More" versus "up" reflects different aspects of our human possibilities. Unfortunately, life is also under the laws of diminishing returns, whereas, "up" as a direction/goal, leads to ever new forms of psycho/spiritual meaning and well being.

In order for any God to be a God, they would have to reflect certain characteristics. Gods, in order to be Gods, must be more intelligent, more powerful than mere mortals. Gods, in order to be Gods, must reflect more of the human ideals than mere humanity alone.

The Judeo/Christian/Islamic God, which many people attempt to follow, holds people accountable for the quality of their actions. A life lived under our natural laws means that our reward or punishmentSnake is already contained within any action we may undertake. All forms of religion and conscious development, (aboriginal, occidental, or oriental), adhere to some form of afterlife or spiritual way of life. All forms of psycho/spiritual development believe that it is possible to align one's self with the qualities and attributes of the "higher" and that one of the great aims in one's spiritual journey is to learn how to make the requisite forms of spiritual "adjustments" required to better align the self within the Self.

Just as a child cannot develop into a conscious, competent, capable human being by itself, so too, has the family of man benefited from the

belief in a scale of intelligence and being which ultimately resides with a trust in God.

Many people focus on the forgiving aspects of God. Unfortunately, the God that many people endeavor to serve holds them accountable for whatever they say or do. The fact that the Judeo, Christian, Islamic God is so demanding is for some, another aspect of God's saving grace.

If you are in the Work, it is only a matter of time before you will be crucified. One could view crucifixion as nothing but a supreme test. Not only is crucifixion part of the path, there is only one-way to pass the test. No matter what form the psycho/spiritual crucifixion takes, to be in the Work means that you must respond from the Sermon on the Mount.

Even the idea of God allows one to believe in a scale of qualities and possibilities. Because there is a scale of possibilities, one can sacrifice where they are now. One learns how to sacrifice the lower in order to engender the higher.

God, as an idea, represents a supreme human viewpoint; clarity, the ideal, perfection. "Up" and the real objective value of up, creates the conditions under which a human being might aspire to become something new. The ability to cross-reference oneself towards any concept of the ideal opens up many new avenues of personal exploration.

God as a form, versus a personality, seeks to redeem the creation by creating as many paths of restoration and redemption as may be needed to return the entire planet to its own internal/individual/universal sacred levels, which remain deeply buried within.

Perhaps one reason that no one has seen God face to face is because God has no body. No body - no gender. No body - no race. If God has no body, God can look differently to everybody.

Any element, which causes an individual to look upward/ inward, is a benefit for mankind. Any element, which demands that its adherents cross-reference themselves together with the ideal of perfection and compassion towards all of mankind, is an element of human experience, which needs to be nurtured as well as expanded.

If, on the other hand, there is some real objective truth concerning the existence of God, the mind boggles at what humanity's path would have been had we learned how to lift our gaze in the first place rather than to fall pray to our own endless serpentine appeals towards human vanity.


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