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Part IVg
The Seesaw Syndrome

See SawSince our egos, (personality), navigate along an existential continuum of who has the power in life situations, our egos are forever ascertaining who is in the one-up position along with those sunk into the one-down position. We might argue about the futility of such an existential value, but our egos/personalities will continue to direct their energies towards leveling the score whenever possible.

One problem with the one-up position is that people become too complacent. On the opposite side of this continuum for the chronically dispossessed of this world, individuals in the one-down position are always trying to ascend. Ultimately, whoever/whatever has the power wins. Unfortunately, under the laws of undulation, whatever is on top descends eventually, while that which is on the bottom rises over time.

It is sobering to realize that what we once assumed to be the result of free choice was simply occurring with the laws of undulation. The existential war between good and evil can never be won. Even if one side "wins" on some note the opposite, compensatory tendencies are attached to it. For every good, there will always remain a compensatory evil.

Since the law of opposites always exists, the wise Work student strives for equality over dominance. Anyone can find themselves enmeshed within an endless battle for dominance, but to strive for mutual equality, (external consideration), means that the students must have the aim to rise above domination-competition-submission in order to create a specific form of third force within themselves.

It is only when the wise Work student observes within themselves that which they formerly judged/observed in another, will they gradually become more conscious. Ego consciousness tends to 'digest' the outside world along a power continuum. True consciousness sees in terms of unification. True consciousness views patterns, process and purpose within the subjective as well as the objective realms.

Our egos are hard-pressed to admit defeat; therefore it becomes helpful to observe how our ego achieves such a feat. One of our ego's defenses is to undervalue anything, anyone or any aim that it cannot automatically achieve or "beat."

Within our interpersonal situations, our egos will rationalize, justify and explain its actions while devaluating the "other". A sea of private, inner considerations and gratuitous complaints perpetually swamps a person who is asleep in life.

Once the student observes the seesaw syndrome as it relates to something as simple as every day, polite conversation, they will find themselves hard-pressed to become identified with gossip, heated discussions and passionate arguments.


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