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Part IVo
Pondering Paradoxes

How can someone assess that the individual they are dealing with is honest, fair accurate and well meaning, yet still dismiss, disregard and deflect whatever the other person says or does?


How can someone realize that the individual that they are dealing with always tells the truth, yet still never manages to believe a word the other individual says?

In life, personal forms of innate contradiction are rarely noticed. Even if a contradiction comes to light, the machine knows how to rationalize, justify or explain the contradiction away. By contrast, if one is awake, contradiction can become a form of self-remembering. Being awake means that you observe your own inner contradictions not merely as opposites. Being awake means that your psychology knows how to gather the contradictions (self-remembering as a form) into a cohesive whole. Once you are awake, you are able to generate a specific form of psycho/spiritual heat and/or electricity/conductivity, which aids in being able to perceive things as they are, rather than how we imagine them to be.


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