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Those Who Can Only Enter With Difficulty

1. Those who are rich
in possessions and personality,
like the rich young man;
2. The Prodigal Son: that is, everyone who seeks to return; Prodigal Son
Prodigal Son
3. The critical one,
the one who judges
(as long as he or she criticizes,
the energy goes into criticism,
and he or she is delayed on the journey)
4. Those who are choked
with the cares of the world;
Samaritan Woman
Samaritan Woman
5. Those who have not a high aim (those who do the easy thing, who love their friends and do not attempt to love their enemies. Such people have not begun to work)
6. Those who are violent; Jacob
7. Those who have little faith;
8. Those who are identified with their families; Hagar
9. Those who postpone things;
10. Those who love the praise of man more than the praise of God.


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