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Part Vc
Notes and Observations


  • "School's aim: to become different."
  • "The higher the school, the greater the demands."
  • "School is like lifting weights."
  • "Sly man's pill:
    Right effort
    Right time
    Right reason"
  • "Create difficulties"
  • "Groups attract more grace than an individual alone."
  • "Groups act like third force. They push an individual past second force, i.e., self-observation on aims."
  • Groups should give 'appropriate kick in ass."
  • Because groups are made up of different types, groups should generate attitudes, pictures and second force. Therefore, they are invaluable for development."
  • "No one develops before paying the price."
  • "Three lines of Work:
    1. Work for the Work Itself
    2. Work with members of group
    3. Work on oneself"
  • "The way you react to 'different-ness' here is the way you have always reacted."
  • "As a group, you are to support me and my aim and not just come and take greedily what you want for yourself."
  • "There are different kinds of schools: Schoolhouse = magnetic center. Schools attract/transmit C influences. A School is a link in a chain. Schools have different ideas, not ordinary ones. Aim must be balanced man (4) Systems and methods are needed Schools turn up the heat"
  • "Contend only with oneself."
  • "Non-expression of negative emotions."
  • "Sacrifice the lower to engender the higher."
  • "Putting someone in your place is schoolwork."
  • "School's center of gravity = point in the Work
  • "Pay in advance; take what you want."
  • "Life as teacher; therefore becoming teachable."
  • "One must not do unnecessary things."
  • "Schools aim to transform the lead of mechanical happening into pure consciousness alone."
  • "Learn how to think in a new different way."
  • "Conscious digestion of impressions."
  • "One must sacrifice mechanical suffering through voluntary suffering into conscious suffering." Bennett
  • "Real Buried Conscience is the Work inside of you." Nicoll
  • "Work on three centers at once."
  • "Schools give their students another place to stand."
  • "Cross-referencing yourself along the vertical continuum of perfection."
  • "Path of sacrifice."
  • "Non-identification - Self-remembering."
  • "Metanoia."
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