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Part VIIg
Solomon's Seal

No form unites the left and right brain better than a symbol. Whether the symbol is a crosscross, or a circle,circle, symbols have the capacity to sum up a teaching better than mere words alone. As Isaiah once stated the aim should be to "…bind up the testimony, seal the teaching." (Isaiah 8:16)

Solomon's seal contains a wealth of Work wisdom.

There are many ways to interpret this age-old symbol. The most basic message contained within this symbol is that all of the higher is but a point in the lower, while all of the lower is but a point in the higher as well.

Another Work principle that the Seal of Solomon illustrates is that the higher acts on the lower to actualize the middle. Solomon's Seal aptly illustrates the law of three.

Another Work principle that the Seal of Solomon illustrates is that the higher acts on the lower to actualize the middle. Solomon's Seal aptly illustrates the law of three.

Even though the left brain, Adam, utilizes language, the right brain, Eve, can illustrate the same principle through the use of color.

1st Force Yellow = the spirit
2nd Force Red = the blood of the passions/body
3rd Force Orange = the resurrected state

In terms of esoteric Christianity, one might observe the raising of Lazarus as an example of the above. In the case of the raising of Lazarus, Jesus represents the yellow of the spirit, Lazarus would be the red of the body and the resurrected state would be orange.

Solomon's Seal also teaches the wise Work student how to transform automatic switching from one opposite into the other, "the pendulum effect", into the third force of self-remembering. This ability to find third force in any situation allows one to ascend one's own sacred ladder within. Learning how to sacrifice the lower (both opposites) in order to engender the higher enables a Work student to ascend their inner octave of psycho/spiritual capabilities.

Besides learning how to establish third force, the wise Work student realizes the endless value of sacrificing one's self-love and self-will in order to manifest Real I and Real Will.

Solomon's Seal also illustrates the age-old spiritual principle of as above, so below. By adding the "geometry" of the cross, one can divide the symbol into both the visible and the invisible elements

In an entirely different Work vein, it is also possible to use Solomon's Seal to point out the various truths concerning the differences and discontinuities among higher centers and our all-too-dense formatory minds. The Work teaches that there is always an upper level (higher centers) acting upon a lower level, but this does not mean that the lower centers (formatory mind) are able to catch the meaning of higher centers.

It is only when we apply the principles of Solomon's Seal to the entire Bible that one begins to grasp the depth of meaning within for this sacred symbol.

One observes the law of three and the law of seven together within Solomon's Seal. Apply the law of three to the ascending octave concerning the redemption of man. Jesus appears as the law of three as well as being the octave of redemption itself.

Jesus' birth represents a passive "do"; Jesus as second force. Jesus as teacher is first force. The crucifixion and resurrection is Jesus in third force. In the Book of Acts, Jesus' return is first force. The Epistles, (establishing Jesus as the body of the church), is Jesus in second force. In the Book of Revelations, Jesus as the Alpha and Omega is third force.


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