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printer friendly Aims for Intermediate Students
(For one week)
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"Aye/Nay" aim (All else is vanity)

For one full week, (except at work), you must only use the words, yes or no. You may ask no questions nor engage in idle chatter.

Do three invisible acts of kindness towards others. Self observe results internally (especially inner talking) as well as externally.

Place constant awareness into soles of feet as well as the crown of your head. Become virtual lines of the cross within. Self observe results.

List at length your self-observations concerning your five inner sensations. How can you increase and purify these five inner senses from their present state?

When alone, dance/improvise in your body, identification with the following states: anger, hatred, contempt, detachment.

Walk backwards. Self observe how center of gravity shifts to back.

List at length when internal/external forms of impressions as well as situations which put you to sleep and which ones help you to stay awake.

Take one commentary/Work book chapter:

Read it for one hour for the first day

Read the same one for 2 hours on the second day

Read the same one for 3 hours on the third day

Keep a journal of all self-observations/principles concerning yourself in all centers. Self observe the endless subjective levels of meaning contained within the commentary itself.

Describe in depth the following:

Jesus as a man

Jesus as the Son of God

Jesus as a symbol of sacrifice

Jesus as a metaphor

Jesus as an example of redemption

Jesus as one among many

Every hour on the hour say, " I am ________. I am in The Work. How can I bring The Work into this situation?"

Convert the following statements into Work terms/principles.

"I have removed my hedge from around my people"


"I have forged my people within the furnace of affliction"


"I and my Father are one" Jesus Christ

"I of mine own self can do nothing the Father within doeth The Works"

Jesus Christ

"Why callest me good, there is none good but God"

Jesus Christ

"All these things I can do, you can do and more."

Jesus Christ

"I and my brother are one." Jesus Christ

"The Father within knoweth your works." Jesus Christ

"Every head will bow; every knee will bend."