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Fourth Way Questions to Consider


What price are you willing to pay to reach your goal?
How is the state of non-identification different from the state of self-remembering?
How is the act of non-identification different from the act of self-remembering?
Why is boredom a sign of identification?
The Work states that being is a crime and not a sin. Explain.
From a Work point of view, how do you:
Change second force into 1st and 3rd forces?
Change first force into 3rd force?
Change third force into 1st force?
How can you ascertain whether you are living under the 3rd force of life and/or the 3rd force of The Work?
How can you tell the difference between self-will as 1st force and Real Will as 1st force?
How do two students in The Work settle a dispute?
What does The Work mean by the term good householder?
What is the role of a Work Teacher?
What is the role of a student of The Work?
What is the role of The Work Teaching?
What is the role of The Work Itself?
What is the role of the planetary Work community?
How can you tell if someone else has listened (truly heard) anything that you have said? And vice versa, how can you tell if you have heard anything that anyone else has said?

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