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printer friendly How to Convert Life Projects into Work Aims

I remember getting a sinking feeling deep in my gut, when I began to realize that The Work just might be called…The Work, because it required so much effort. Later on, I discovered that The Work referred to The Great Work of Alchemy; namely, the process under which the lead of mechanical happening becomes transformed into the gold of consciousness.

The Work Itself has more than one fail safe system in place to prevent anyone from learning too much or growing too fast for their own good. Efforts, especially the requisite efforts required concerning the necessity of going against oneself effectively weeds out all but the most promising of Fourth Way candidates.

The effort to go against oneself produces the 'heat' of alchemy, which is required to melt down as well as to fuse the various elements of 'soul stuff' into something solid/magnetized. Work aims, coupled with Fourth Way exercises, are tools to generate self-observations. Any aim that does not lead to another self-observation, or to another aim, is a waste of time. Work aims should be organic in that the aim should lead to valid insightful self-observations, which should generate just the 'right' aim to go against oneself. The wise Work student should view the realms of aims alongside efforts as an endless source of clues concerning the mysterious interiors of oneself.

"Without aim, man perishes"* refers to the psycho/spiritual fact that man, as he is, is nothing more than a cork floating on top of a stream. Ouspensky pointed out that even The Work student can expect little help from above. Ouspensky noted that sometimes a student would meet a fork in the stream. Ouspensky went on to state that the sincere Work students might be able to shift their center of gravity enough, thereby, enabling them to enter into a different stream of mechanical happening. *

* As A Man Thinketh, James Allen

Work Aims: Diagrams - Vertical to Life, Etc.

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