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Infectious Psycho/Spiritual Disorder (IP/SD), is a psychological virus which renders its victims unable to perform even the most rudimentary forms of adult behavior. As with all psychological viruses, this disorder is spread orally. The infection is passed from one person to another through the agency of rationalization. As the infected person rationalizes their passivity as well as their principles of chronic victimization, the listener, also. becomes infected.

One of the first symptoms to appear after the onset of IP/SD is the. inner, conviction that the host is a victim of circumstances beyond their control. The inability to accept responsibility for the individual's life as well as the circumstances follows. Soon after the onset of rationalization along with irresponsibility, a long period of passivity occurs. Frequently, no further psychological nor physical effort is forthcoming upon any level.

Because victims of IP/SD frequently offer up no effort whatsoever to change themselves nor their lives, psychological/spiritual death is inevitable. Be on the lookout for the following signs and symptoms of IP/SD:

  • Projecting blame outside of oneself.
  • Belief that what one says as well as what one does, does not matter.
  • Con-artist consciousness:

1. Getting as much as possible, while paying the least amount possible.

2. Lying to others as well as utilizing deceit as a matter of course

3. Doing whatever it takes to get off with and/or get away with accepting responsibility for oneself.

  • Pride in perversions (Sodom and Gomorrah consciousness)
  • Being chronically ‘offended’.
  • Chronically complaining
  • Chronic self-pity
  • Chronically passive and/or being ineffective as a person
  • Chronically running around in circles
  • Never happy nor grateful
  • Immune towards the suffering of others
  • Absorbed in the self
  • Belief in any idea which reassures oneself that they are whole as well as complete as they are.
  • Holding the firm belief that the belief in God along with the worship of Jesus will ensure them of God’s grace (no matter what the content of actual behavior).

Caution must be exercised in dealing with this most virulent fatal disorder. Never argue nor try to convince a person suffering with IP/SD about anything. The attempt to convince the victums allows the disease to spread towards others.

If any personal forms of IP/SD manifest in the self, take an immediate shower in the reality of life itself. Compare your own suffereing against the wholesale slaughter of innocent children around the world. This clears the being from the infestation of self-complacency. Immediately take steps to work upon oneself in order to become strong enough to ward off any further manifestations of IP/SD.

Caution: Simply because psychological viruses have been around from the dawn of time coupled with the fact that personal as well as global forms of denial and delusion have always run rampart, this does not indicate that mankind remains doomed. Much can be done to ward off the pernicious effects once the disorder has been diagnosed. In all instances of survival, the victum sought help at the first signs and onset of symptoms. Without help and early detection, IP/SD is fatal.

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