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In order for the various worldwide students of The Work to be able to effectively communicate, a common work language becomes necessary. Fortunately for us all, the Fourth Way discipline, as outlined by Gurdjieff followed closely by Ouspensky, Nicoll, Bennett, deRopp, K. Walker etc., already contains the requisite language.

Because of my inability to 'get' what I already knew about being asleep, I had to devise another adverb for sleep. Since formatory mind remains unable to see and hear various aspects of sleep coupled with the fact that formatory mind does not get past the literal (lateral) interpretation of sleep; once I was able to add the term, psycho/spiritual sleep, many new avenues of Self Observation became obvious.

Psycho/Spiritual refers to two separate aspects of sleep. The cross, as a form, illustrates one element essential to the correct interpretation of this term. The cross is comprised of both a horizontal line intersected at right angles by a vertical line. Each individual contains within themselves both of these psychic aspects/spiritual potentials as well as possibilities.

Therefore, when I use the term psycho/spiritual, I am always referring to the innate totality of human psychic capacities.

Given the above, Bob Dylan's lyrics "you gotta serve somebody, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord, still you're gonna serve somebody" takes on even more meaning.