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Back in the 1950’s, Memorex Corporation ran a television advertisement that featured the best jazz artist of the day, Miss Ella Fitzgerald. When Ella struck just the right note, the effect of Ella’s note broke a glass goblet across the room.

Because we are all asleep, we do not realize that we contain an almost limitless scale of psycho/spiritual possibilities. It is only because we remain asleep that we only experience one thing at a time. Our formatory apparatus limits our awareness of the infinite from the actual.

Because we are asleep, we live our lives mechanically. Ouspensky once stated that talking is the most mechanical thing we do. Since neither party in a conversation knows what will come next, both parties react automatically. But the wise, awake Work students will learn how to select how to act from themselves, rather than to merely react to others.

Once you wake up, you become able to utilize the law of resonance towards your own advantage. Just as in life, when someone else’s level of being affects your own, in The Work, you can learn how to also strike the ‘right’ note, within yourself, thereby activating the requisite note within the other person as well.

Once you are wake up, you realize that although you have experienced yourself as a victim of circumstances, you did, in fact, contain a scale of possible reactions within you. The note you struck was the result of your own level of being. Had you been in a different place within yourself, you could/would have acted quite differently. Once you wake up, you realize that no matter how life looks to you, you got what you deserved. You did contribute to your own demise.

The good news is that once you wake up, you begin to have a choice as to whether you are going to continue to do as you have always done or learn how to ‘do’ something differently.