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Life is lived along a continuum based upon the psycho/spiritual, biological imperative concerning the conservation of energy. Just as our bodies are marvels of efficiency, so too, are our psychology. Unfortunately, for every good, there must also be at least one compensatory "bad".

Part of the Real Objective reason for denial, delusion, etc. is also based upon this Law of Conservation of psychic energies. For example, in imagination, one encounters no second force. The mind imagines all sorts of illusional/delusional realities, which are pleasing to one's vanity.

Even though all people deflect and rationalize their own behavior for many reasons, one of the reasons for rationalization (as a form) is that it both saves time, as well as energy. To assume oneself as always being 'in the right' expends less psychic energy than to turn around and face the consequences of one's behavior.