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The Living Waters of the Sphinx

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People often ask me if I could give examples, or a picture, of what being awake feels like. The best picture of what it feels like to be awake, is what I have recently discovered about the Sphinx. As everybody knows, the Sphinx has been assumed to be approximately 3 or 4 thousand years old. Most people are also aware that the Sphinx suffers from severe erosion.

Professor Robert Schoch of Boston University noticed, a few years ago, that the Sphinx also suffered from severe water erosion. Prof. Schoch was able to illustrate the difference between wind erosion as opposed to water erosion. Water erosion, especially from rain, causes stone to erode in a succession of undulating rolls; whereas, wind erosion has a more horizontal, linear effect.

As soon as I was able to observe what water erosion looked like, I could see, for myself, the watered erosion on the Sphinx. What I had a hard time digesting was the fact that nobody had ‘noticed’ these water effects before? No one noticed the water forms of erosion, because they already assumed that they knew what they were looking at.

Because the Sphinx does suffer from the effects of wind as well as sand erosion; coupled with the fact that our formatory mind works by association, no one looking at an object in the desert would be looking for signs of water erosion. Because we are asleep, we confuse the part with the whole. The experts found (only saw) what they were already looking for. As a result, even the experts ended up confusing the part with the whole.

The Sphinx is a marvelous example of an obvious truth, a massive, long standing truth, that has been starring us all in the face since day one. How could I miss something so obvious? How could everyone for the last 4,000 years miss such an obvious fact? The answer is quite simple.

Because we are all asleep, we do not see anything beyond our own projections. Instead of being able to effectively digest such an impression, our formatory mind assumes that it already knows what it is seeing (processing) and, therefore, instead of digesting the impression, our formatory mind dismisses/discards the Sphinx as some sort of given and, therefore, not worth any more mental effort.

Sleep means being deaf, dumb and blind towards the Real Objective Contents of the World: as a result, as an endless stream of unconscious assumptions coupled with endless forms of projections, alongside a sea of unexamined imaginations, these unbound elements become the contents of our own subjective world.

Truths as obvious as the nose on our faces are rarely, if ever, ‘noticed’ by anybody. On the other hand, once a Real Objective Truth is ‘noticed’, our own Adam[ic] function becomes able to name the same truth our Eve already perceives, thereby enabling the awakening process to begin.

Patrick Patterson, in his video, Gurdjieff in Eqypt, noted that Gurdjieff once stated that The Work Itself originated in Egypt before the sands. Ten thousand, 500 years ago, Egypt was a rain forest, hence, one of the possible sources for the water erosion.