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It is not uncommon for people to intuit that somewhere along this Fourth Way Path that they are going to have to deal with their own negative elements . Only a total neophyte believes that spiritual development means basking in greater and greater spiritual heights. It is the rare sole that is able to realize the subtle ways they use "The Truth" to wound and maim.

My particular flaw in regard to "truth" remained my unchallenged belief that if I was telling the truth, I was doing nothing else, that somehow the truth content of my behavior occupied 100% of the psycho/spiritual space. What I was to discover is that I could be telling the truth as well as being self-righteous. I could be telling the truth and violating someone elseís temple.

It was not until I woke up that I began to see the lower motives that seeped out while I was "just telling the truth". Being awake also reveals that what I considered to be "the truth" was, in fact, only a tiny fraction of the truth that was there at the same time.


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