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Few students, of The Work, realize that once they understand (usually in two centers) a law/truth, they can use the law towards their own advantage. Let us take the Work principle that formatory mind works by habits, associations as well as by attitudes. It is impossible to travel in the Real Objective World of The Work path for very long before the student realizes this sad truth for themselves.

It is both sad and sobering to realize that what the student, used to call intelligent thinking, is in fact nothing but a series of mechanical happenings. On the other hand, it is encouraging to realize is that the student can use the Law of Mental Associations towards speeding up one’s own spiritual development.

There used to be a TV game show called "Concentration". The aim of this game was to match up pairs of statements. As each pair was located, the pair was turned into a clue about a hidden truth that lay behind all the paired up pairs. This form of something appearing to be one thing while hiding another equally valid truth underneath is the advent (calendar) principle.

Noah’s Ark becomes a perfect metaphor for this Advent Principle. All of the creatures in the Ark were paired up before they could enter the Ark. Consider Noah’s Ark itself as an illustration of Real Objective Consciousness:

    1. God ordered Noah to build an ark (on his own, Noah would have done nothing.)
    2. God created a vessel that was able to withstand future flood by floating (walking on the water)
    3. The Ark was only created by Noah’s adhering to specific requirements
    4. Only already paired up animals were allowed into the vessel

The Work is an Ark in and of itself. Only people who wake up can catch a seat on this specific Ark. But long before one is able to be awake, one can use the Law of Association to turn up their own internal heat.

Every time a Work student becomes able to spot some of the "triggers" contained in the outside world, while also being able to observe their own automatic response, the student becomes able to gain another foot-candle of consciousness. This is one of the aspects of the truth that becomes light. The question seems to be: does the sincere Work student want to accelerate their associative process thereby accumulating more wattage?

Sometimes when we find that our everyday Work efforts are not producing enough "alchemical" heat, we can decide to use our formatory mind’s capacity to store knowledge though association. Making the aim to go back to specific places in one’s past and allowing the dormant associations to resurface allows the student even more internal light along their own path of spiritual exploration.

The best manna comes from the Real Self. Before anyone can access Real I, they have to first become themselves. In order to become yourself, you must resurrect your past. Your past is alive albeit dormant within you. Once you consciously activate the triggers, your past will come forward fully alive within you.

In the first phase of this Advent Principle, the Work student must become able to Self-Observe the external triggers which activate the automatic associations. In the second phase, The Work student actively and consciously seeks out past triggers in order to gain the value of consciousness that putting two and two together always provides.


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