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If the point you were making was 'x' and the other individual's point was 'y', after a conscious conversation, both parties should have a 'new take' on the topic which would reflect 'x' and 'y'. If either party (or both) were asleep, they would leave the conversation as if it had not occurred. They would remember that some discussion took place but would not be able to remember, much less digest most of what the other person had to say. In other words, if nothing you say or do ever has a positive effect or has no effect at all, you can be rest assured that nothing you have said ever was heard.

Part of the trap of having an ego, (that psycho/spiritual faculty which enables us to have a sense of self as alone and apart from the herd instinct), is that the ego routinely dismisses as well as disregards any impressions from the outside. For an ego, agreement with an adversary, causes a loss of face/status.

Gurdjieff once stated that "pride and vanity are two giants who walk in from of us deciding everything in advance". In other words, our ego blocks any impression, which will not make the ego look good or feel good. Praise units do get noticed, but they also end up being rejected.

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