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Sacred Psychology
The ancient art of psycho-spiritual alchemy. The transformation of the 'lead' of hubris into the 'gold' of consciousness.

As Within / So Without
A course on the art of self-observation.

Perception as Projection
How to stop projecting ones own unconscious elements onto others.

From Abuse to Absolution
How to convert lower impulses into higher purposes.

The Shadow and Salvation
The conductivity created by the conscious containment and incorporation of the content and power of the shadow, under the banner of personal and interpersonal integration as one of the railroads towards salvation.

Daddy Near / Father Away
Chronicles the rise and fall of the modern male while explaining where specific spiritual practices will engender the birth of the second Adam within.

Purpose, Power and Presence
How to transform useless unproductive thinking coupled with negative self-defeating emotions.

Oriental Conscious
A solution for dualistic existence.

Aboriginal Consciousness
As an antidote to protracted adolescence

Occidental Consciousness
Linear thinking when redirected towards the vertical levels of purity and perfection, as a short cut towards psycho-spiritual well being.

Denial isn't just a river
How to overcome ignorance, illusion, delusion and imagination which obscures psycho-spiritual well being.