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Part IVd
Your Level of Being Attracts your Life

Harmanoica A harmonica illustrates a perfect image for the Work principle of "your level of being attracts you life." A harp is its own octave, which already contains a pre-described set of possibilities. All of the notes, possibilities, exist in sequence. But the musician can only blow a few notes at a time. Just because the observer observes himself blowing the same note over and over again, usually, as a result of remaining asleep, does not mean that the student lacks the innate capacity to blow quite a few new notes within, in time.

Harps come in a variety of keys, i.e. G: D: etc. One role that the Enneagram types plays on the Work student is that each type plays within its own key. The note, that the student actually sounds, is an accurate reflection of his own level of being. Unfortunately, one of the effects of psycho/spiritual sleep is that so few people ever become aware of the notes that they are actually sounding. Much less are they able to observe or to transform the rest of their own innate inner capabilities.

To be awake is to be aware, at all times, of the infinite possibilities that one right note/chord to create just the right effect.

Contrasted against the image of a harp player is the sad soul sound asleep in life itself.

Sleeping humanity resembles a thermometer more than anything else. Depending upon the 'temperature' of the outside world, sleeping humanities' ever-vigilant ego, (personality/false personality), can always be counted on to automatically match any incoming impression degree for degree.


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