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The Fog Horn go back

People are forever asking me what my personal aim is in creating this website. The answer is quite simple; my aim is to strike just the 'right' note, which will resonate within just the 'right' students. From my side of this equation, the 'right' kinds of students have the following attributes in their favor:

1. Time on their hands
2. Free from financial concerns
3. Bored with life 'at the top'
4. Have a deep spiritual hole in their soul, which results in their being a conscious seeker
5a. Looking for a psycho/spiritual game to play
5b. Must realize that the 'higher' games are infinitely harder to play than any of the low games
6. Can devote three months, at one time, for intense, existentially balanced work upon themselves
7. A sincere willingness to seeking the truth no matter how dark/scary some portion of the truth may prove to be

While it is true that this web site could be considered to be a 'net' to catch 'fish' in, if the truth be told, this website is more like a Fourth Way fog horn. Sojourner Institute sounds out a specific, sincere, reassuring sound to help those fellow Fourth Way pilgrims in their own, inner spiritual fog to begin to navigate their own Fourth Way/spiritual future once more.

As Ouspensky once said,
"People in The Work must be united. The more we are united, the more resistance we will show to all kinds of unfavorable influences and the more we get out of them, because we will be, as it will, in the middle of a big accumulate full of all kinds of energies. If we are closed, we will, we will be able to get energy out of this big accumulate; if we are full of holes, we will be unable to keep any of it."
P.Ouspensky, 392. The Fourth Way