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Ten Basic Tenets by Shirra Meiklejohn-Wilson, M. A. R. go back

I. The first and foremost thing that human beings need to be 'saved' from is themselves as well as their ignorance about what they do and/or the effects of their own behavior upon their sphere.

II. Human beings do not need to be 'saved' from the slings and arrows of life itself. Life is a pain factory. Human suffering is food. No one gets out of suffering; not God, not Jesus, not anyone. Life hurts. Being in The Work hurts. Living on any level hurts. People hurt themselves as well as others all the time.

III. Humanity needs to be 'saved from their enslavement to the opinions of other people. People need to learn how to think for as well as how to act from themselves. Humanity needs to learn how to convert mechanical suffering into consciousness.

IV. Human beings need to be 'saved' from their all-pervasive assumptions that freedom comes from the lack of discipline. Freedom is attained by only those people who earn it.

V. Human beings need to be 'saved' from their belief that having faith in God and/or in the salvation of God's grace will, in any way, be transferred onto themselves simply because they hope and/or believe that it is possible.

VI. Human beings need to be 'saved' from their belief in tomorrow. There is no tomorrow. Tomorrow is merely today in extension. Change is not necessarily progress. Because things change does not mean that they are progressing.

VII. Human beings need to be 'saved' from their collective delusion concerning the fact that what they say, think, feel, as well as do, does not matter. It does matter. Every
effort as well as non-effort, by each individual, is being recorded, whether the individual believes in this fact or not.

VIII. Human beings need to be 'saved' from the illusion that they already know what is necessary to know. The truth of the matter is that no one can 'do'. What passes for doing merely ties the individual onto the web of futility more securely.

IX. Human beings need to be 'saved' from their unending illusion that they love and/or feel positive productive emotions at all. Nine-nine percent of all humanity is unable and/or possibly incapable of any form of any true selfless actions. The human ego demands its due. The ego finds it almost impossible not to take pride in its position or effects. The unredeemed ego also finds it almost impossible to accept responsibility for the ego's own faults, weaknesses or endless delusions about itself.

X. More than any of the above, Human beings need to be 'saved' from their chronic illusion that they believe and/or serve any of the needs or purposes of the sacred realm. The number of true adepts worldwide is marginal, while the number of individuals that assume their future is secure is legion.


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