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Living in Third Force (Excerpted from The Laws)
by Shirra Meiklejohn-Wilson
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We are living from the first force of life from birth to age six. At the onset of egotism, our life momentum switches into second force. Once our ego comes on board, we no longer remember ourselves and the long battle begins between the ego as well as the Real Self.

Our ego wages war upon our essence. Our essence is rarely even heard in our current omnipresent state of sleep. Soon, essence fades from our conscious awareness. As a result, we become 'pretend' people. We pretend to care about things that actually disgust us. We act horrified at manifestations of existence over which we have no concern whatsoever. We pretend not to notice when we hurt people. We pretend to feel fine when, in fact, we are dying inside for any real form of contact.

Once we wake up, The Work Itself becomes the third force within. Eventually, The Work will turn into third force without. Living, in third force, is becoming 'food for the sun'; while remaining under the law of opposites, is a sure sign that the student is still, simply 'food for the moon'. "Should I or shouldn't I?" indicates a sure sign of slavery. Third force, by law, joins the opposites into one unified action.

Decisions from first or second force create long karmic streams behind them; whereas, decisions from third force creates no karmic stream because the actions of third force are indisputably mobilized into a perfect solution. So perfect is the solution that even massive problems are barely noticed because they leave no trace of themselves. The Work as third force remains invisible, because nothing has been disturbed. One sure sign of The Work's presence is that the student's life becomes totally transformed.

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