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printer friendly Aims for Beginner Students
(For one week)
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Before crossing a threshold, fold arms across chest and bow self-observation results.

Before the ingestion of any food or liquid, bless the item.

For one week, obey all speed limits. Self observe results

Hold all beverages in the opposite hand

Obey all directions to the letter.

Switch into your non-dominant hand (i.e. from right handedness into your left except at work). Self observe results.

Do not talk about yourself

"Agree" with everything/everybody. Self Observe results.

Drink only water and food with no seasonings.

No TV, No Music, No Gossiping

For one full week, observe your grooming/dressing rituals. Make note of routine and sequence. The next week, change order. Perform your rituals out of sequence.

Read Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis once for pure enjoyment.

Reread Screwtape Letters while listing all forms of temptation Screwtape states.

Find examples of your own life for each and every temptation.

Go outside and find a safe but unfamiliar space. Close eyes and list completely how many different sounds you hear and how much knowledge you can infer from the sounds. Example: how is a falling sound different from a scurrying sound?

Look around, find and remember 10 different shades of brown; 10 different shades of gray.

Block ears; close eyes; stand still. How many physical sensations can you feel? How much information can you get from smell alone?