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Because we carry our past on our backs, so to speak, we are forced to face the fact that in the end we are going to get away with nothing. We are our own judge as well as our own executioner.

The fact that so many of us spend our lives running away from taking responsibility for ourselves proves the point. People avoid any situation that will not make them look good or feel good. Problem is that the avoidance proves that the individual already realizes that they are not equal to the situation at hand. There is much to be said for learning to stop, turn around and facing the music.

There is a lot of psycho/spiritual energy/manna to be gained once a person decides to turn around. The only way to transform and transcend anything is to will it. How can anyone avoid paying the price for being himself or herself?

What you avoid, you perpetuate. What you will, gets done. If it was possible to leave the past in the past, I would say ‘go for it’. Turn away until the day you die; but the problem is that in order to avoid the Truth, you have to know the Truth in the first place.

But, if, like the Prodigal Son, you manage to muster up the courage to turn around and face the music, you will find The Work walking towards you to help.


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