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How often have we seen various instances of the following: Someone is going along, doing fine, and then everything begins to change. For some unknown reason every element of someoneís life begins to unravel; friends became enemies; lovers became betrayers; allies became competitors, etc. If you look closely at this phenomena, it is hard to find any sense or meaning in the above. Perhaps because our apertures for perception remain so formatory, we can not digest the real objective reality that Great Nature always builds up before she begins to break/bring down.

More often than not, if someone is, in The Work, they will ask themselves, what in them has attracted these unfortunate events? But because formatory mind can only digest one impression at a time, most students assume that if something God-awful is occurring, the student must have done something awfully wrong to attract the event. Perhaps they have, but no one crucified Jesus because Jesus Christ was sick, bad or wrong. Actually Jesus Christís crucifixion was proof positive that Jesus Christ had succeeded in proving his various teachings concerning the endless sleep of mankind. Even if The Work student is able to rise above taking this change in the state of their affairs, personally, few can find much meaning or purpose in such an apparent calamity.

As within so without illustrates a useful way to interpret/digest loosing everything one has gained. Consider the wave. In Great Nature, once a wave has reached its peak, it dissolves and descends again into the trough. As soon as the trough is at its lowest ebb, a new wave forms anew. Even though we know the "how" of waves, there is gold to be found in the "why". In nature, perfection is not static. Great Nature is always trying to improve upon form. No matter how well adapted any form may prove to be, Great Nature will always change some aspect of the outer circumstances which face it.

If The Work student can see beyond the realm of mere appearance coupled with the fact that the student also becomes able to get beyond the blame game, they will, at last, reach a point of view which reveals that the law of undulation serves the purposes of Great Nature. Namely the ongoing ability to distill out of experience the spiritual essences within.