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Like Attracts likes
--Coupled with--
Opposites attract
Just because you are wide awake doesn't mean that you aren't sound asleep.
If you have to be right, you are wrong.
All things are true
All things are a lie (partial)
If you know you love, it's self-love; conversely, if you know you hate, it's self-hate.
If you have to be first, you are last.
If you have to be last, you are last
How can you be absolutely right on one hand while being absolutely wrong on the other?
How can you be as obvious as the nose on your face while remaining absolutely invisible both at the same time?
How can people be completely different while remaining absolutely the same?
How can something which is absolutely good be relatively evil both at the same time? Consider again how can something be absolutely evil yet relatively good both at the same time?